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Have you Watched Pose?

To be truthful with you, I haven't. But, after reading this post from " Film Daily ", I found out why I should: "Pose  is stacked with milestones. The FX drama features the largest transgender cast in TV history and boasts the first transgender woman of color to direct an episode of  television , thanks to the talents of best-selling writer Janet Mock. Those are some outstanding foundations to rest a show of this power upon, but dig deeper and  Pose  is harboring even more firsts. You can even bingewatch S1 now on Netflix if you want a rewatch or need to get your fix. Pose  is one of the first shows in a long time that we’ve so passionately gone crazy for. Within the eight episodes of the near-flawless first season, it’s proven itself luminous, devastating, life-affirming, horrifying, majestic, profound, and nothing short of mesmerizing. The writing on  Pose  is masterful, bounding between heavy sociopolitical and LGBTQI issues against a period backdrop