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Have a Blessed Day!

Recently I had the opportunity to listen and talk to one of those infamous phone information systems designed to decrease employment and dehumanize the world. You know-outsourcing humanity to a machine. What's better? A rude human or an unfeeling machine? The machine I encountered was at least an an upscale one with options one through 1000. Fifteen options and five minutes into the call I tentively made my selection. Perhaps I would reach nirvana and reach that stern person who was probably still listing options such as "if you wish to reach the Sunday night cleaning crew push #905." I'm certain the feeling would be similar to winning that imaginary lottery I think about all the time. Needlessly, I shouldn't have risked all that emotion because once again I heard the not so dulcet tones of yet another recorded voice. This voice directed me to give my life's history in 30 seconds. Perhaps I discovered the true home of "Big Brother". Surely all my n