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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Life as a "Girly- Girl"

One of the most volatile issues of life in the trans lane has to resolve around one of the most basic functions of them all-the rest room.
We have had our discussions here in Cyrsti's Condo leading mainly to unresolvable disputes and hurt feelings. Comments have ranged from who the hell cares to stay the hell out of there.  Some think the room should stay the revered sanctuary for the genetic gender one was born with- or paid to be part of.
Don't want to re hash all of that again.
What I do want to bring up are the girly girls who slyly want to comment how proud they are of their rest room permit by praising the pristine condition of all the women's rooms they frequent.
You probably have read my posts in the past just saying I'm not much of a girly girl. In fact, early in my life when I was coming out of the cross dressing closet, I was roundly chided for wearing slacks or women's jeans at all.  Where were my frilly dresses?
So I figured my rest room ideas once again placed me in transgender minority. (Surprise, Surprise!)
On top of that, I worked in the commercial food industry for years and I saw my share of trashed women's rooms. Or the concerts, sporting events and other public venues I have been to when women invaded the men's facilities.  You know, I just didn't feel that violated and did not call the cops.
So, I never buy into the pristine female concepts.
Of course I do accept the biological fact that men have to aim and don't clean up but don't tell me it is an inclusive male trait.
I mean were you ever subjected to a Tyra Banks toilet seat rant? "Me thinks" she wasn't talking about the men's room.
"Me also thinks" the trans peeps who view the women's room as yet another pristine perk of their transition just don't get out enough.

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