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Friday, March 3, 2023

It's Women's History Month


Image courtesy Christian Lue
on Unsplash

It's Women's History Month which means the world to all transgender women. It's the time of the year when we should scream from the rooftops we belong in the feminine universe known as women. I know you regulars probably have noticed over the years of writing this blog, I have attempted to keep being female and being a woman separate. Why?  Because I equate being a woman as a socialization process.  Being born female is an act of fate while making it into the status of being a woman is a learned process which many females never do a good job of completing.

Plus there are the age old theories you have to be female to birth a child, which is true but on the other hand you don't have to be a woman to not wanting or able to birth a child. My second wife was a prime example of a woman who never wanted a child of her own. All of that disputes the "birth theory" of womanhood as a fact. 

It seems with the rise of anti-transgender feelings has given the "TERF" movement, or transgender-exclusionary radical feminist added chances to be vocal. Especially across the pond where reader Paula Godwin lives. She once described the U.K as "TERF Island." Radical feminists reject trans women and refuse to accept us as sisters. Especially in "women only spaces". You are welcome to do your own research on "TERF's" but it proves to be a complex subject. To oversimplify it,  I always thought the radical feminists  resented us primarily because we used to be men in their eyes. 

I don't know why many so called feminists don't reach out and embrace transgender women during times such as Women's History Month. Most certainly we trans women had the chance to embrace the benefit of male privilege but we soundly rejected it for any number of reasons. Plus, with the state of anti-transgender issues everywhere, there needs to be strength in numbers. While we weren't born female, there still is much we can add to being a feminist. After all, we have seen  first hand the prejudice and discrimination which goes on against women. In fact many of us trans women suffer from a double dose of discrimination. First because we are trans and secondly because we are women. 

The end result to all of this is transgender women arrived at where we are by taking another path to our womanhood. But arrive we did and deserve to be recognized for it. Go head and celebrate your part in Women's History Month!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hey! Isn't Your Name....

 A "Blast from the Past" post.
Sometimes I feel as if I'm on the "Titanic". Sailing along in my luxury cabin feeling at peace in my feminine world comes the iceberg.
I live in a town of less than 100, 000 peeps and like most of you led (or lead) a very visible life. On occasion I have tested the waters locally by going out into socially straight venues. In fact these sometimes exciting little cruises through the icebergs were extreme successes followed by dismal failures.
Most of the time I would travel to larger cities which are close to me and are for the most part decidedly more liberal. I began to feel a feminine liberation I never thought possible.
Until I went home.
Here I was recently sailing through the icebergs on my home turf. My back was arched, chest was out and soft hair framed my face.The illusion was  the world was mine. Until the iceberg.
A feminine voice came up from the rear and said "Isn't your name..."? Of course she used my male name and of course I said no.
I was going down now as fast as the "Titanic" and finished my drink and headed home...devastated.
Back to the drawing board I went.  Was it how I looked, how I carried myself, past transgressions? Of course it was all of them.
Looking back the iceberg, I discovered positives as I built my next cruise ship.
If you sail in the icebergs, chances are you will be hit-just don't sink.
Then again maybe some of  the icebergs weren't such a threat after all. Maybe the woman that night already had heard the "rumors" and just wanted to talk to me out of curiosity and not meanness. Perhaps I could have been the "icebreaker" that night?

Dealing With Trans Rejection

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