Hey! Isn't Your Name....

 A "Blast from the Past" post.
Sometimes I feel as if I'm on the "Titanic". Sailing along in my luxury cabin feeling at peace in my feminine world and...here comes the iceberg.
I live in a town of less than 100, 000 peeps and like most of you led (or lead) a very visible life. On occasion I have tested the waters locally by going out into socially straight venues. In fact these sometimes exciting little cruises through the icebergs were extreme successes followed by dismal failures.
Most of the time I would travel to larger cities which are close to me and are for the most part decidedly more liberal. I began to feel a feminine liberation I never thought possible.
Until I went home.
Here I was recently sailing through the icebergs on my home turf. My back was arched, chest was out and soft hair framed my face.The illusion was  the world was mine. Until the iceberg.
A feminine voice came up from the rear and said "Isn't your name..."? Of course she used my male name and of course I said no.
I was going down now as fast as the "Titanic" and finished my drink and headed home...devastated.
Back to the drawing board I went.  Was it how I looked, how I carried myself, past transgressions? Of course it was all of them.
Looking back the iceberg, I discovered positives as I built my next cruise ship.
If you sail in the icebergs, chances are you will be hit-just don't sink.
Then again maybe some of  the icebergs weren't such a threat after all. Maybe the woman that night already had heard the "rumors" and just wanted to talk to me out of curiosity and not meanness. Perhaps I could have been the "icebreaker" that night?