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Monday Meeting Day

The second and fourth Monday of the month are meeting nights for one of my cross dresser - transgender support groups. According to my calendar, it is tonight.  One of my biggest challenges is what I wear. I want to look nice without giving any of the overdone cross dressers a run for their money. I guess the best description would be either looking as real as I can or look like I am not trying too hard. As I went into during my last Cyrsti's Condo post, The Skin Game , my skin plays very heavily into how I succeed or not. Speaking of that, Paula Goodwin checked in with a comment on makeup/skin: "Apart from HRT I have found one of the best ways of looking after my skin has been to stop wearing make up. These days I only wear makeup on Occasions ~ the sort of do where any woman is expected to glam up a bit, I have found that most women my age don't habitually wear makeup, and now neither do I. It makes life easier and my skin thanks me for it. That plus a daily mois

Cyrsti's Condo Weekend "Archive Post"

Thursday, September 25, 2014 It's All in the Eyes? Continuing on my last post about those pesky lesbians jamming my "trans-dar"- I brought up the question, "How does one know the difference when a lesbian does cross the border into transgender territory. Well, of course, one normally  doesn't  but of course I have formed a few opinions the hard way. First of all, I am not the definitive resource on lesbians but have found out a number of factoids over the last few years. First of all, they are very  possessive  within their culture.  I have be invited to several lesbian "mixers" with friends over the years.  One of the first lessons I learned was, if my friend's perceived a woman they were interested in had a partner there-that was it. Look but don't touch. Of course, after I calmed down about being there at all, I became interested about how I was perceived. I took for granted, that for the most part, all of the "