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I read posts here and there on the idea of a genderless society. A place where a person is totally free to express their mental gender at will. In fact Michellelianna recently did her own take on the subject  and you can read it here . The easy answer of course is clothes don't make the transgender or transsexual woman or man. We all know it's much deeper than that.  Indirectly my "BFF" took the subject another step when I confided in her my dissatisfaction with my recent male exploits. Basically she asked when was I going to start dressing more completely female as I approach 6 months into HRT. Good question.  In my current lifestyle, I'm just me without the pronouns. Very little body hair, painted nails and all. I basically run errands in a few of the same places all the time. Since going into semi retirement, I created my own little gender cocoon rather than an utopia. With my thin shaped brows, pony tail and clear nail polish I'm far from being andro