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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Waxing Romantic

Ever been waxed?  The bit of torture designed to make that pesky body hair go away and leave you with soft smooth skin?

Had my first waxing tonight.  Hey, what could be more fun than staying home on a Saturday night and getting waxed watching tattoo reality shows?  When in pain, watch someone in more pain, right?  Plus, some would argue I got waxed on Abita Turbo Dog Beer last night and I'm way too old to double up on party nights anymore.

If you never have been "waxed" seriously I compare it to a sunburn and I love the results.  It's safe to tell you though, I don't have much body hair anymore and I know "mo hair" equals "mo pain" - a formula I learned sleeping through high school calculus.  Kidding, I barely got through algebra, by barely staying awake.

Not to be outdone by my arms, for some reason, my girls had to get in the act tonight.  For some reason, they are very sensitive tonight.  Almost too sensitive.  Of course I have dealt with sensitivity with the girls since starting HRT but nothing like tonight.  Either, it's my time of the month or I passed some sort of hormonal level again.

All in all though, if I had a choice, Abita is my pick for a good waxing.

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