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Sipping a "High Ball" in Columbus

Yes there will be pictures of us, so don't panic if you don't see them in this post.  My fun started when I just got to sit back and be "the talent" and watch  my character-  Madame La'Noe come to life. Perhaps even better was, when I saw what Liz put together for herself. "He" was to be the Madam's personal escort dressed in suit, tie, fedora, suspenders and of course a parasol for the Madam in case of sprinkles.  And, oh yes, a handle bar mustache.  You could have knocked me over with the feather from her Fedora.  (sample on left) That's it for now!  More to come! A " High Ball " is a drink. is the name of the two day Halloween Party in Columbus, Ohio Liz and I were active participants last night and probably I will have about four blog posts relating all of it . In the mean time, just to teeeeeese you just a bit-Columbus is an incredibly diverse city with a huge university (Ohio State), government (state capi