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Gender Fluid Weekend

I had some sort of idea of how the weekend was going to play out gender wise, and I wasn't disappointed. Liz and I headed over to Columbus relatively early and had a chance to check in our hotel in time to relax before the evening really got started.  We have stayed at the same place a couple times for TGLBQ Pride and the Trans Ohio Symposium, so the process was fairly easy-even though my girl self was checking in and my guy self was paying. (As he should!) The front desk peeps only care though if the credit card doesn't go through. They rarely ever even look up to see my beautiful self. (kidding) That evening, as "Madame La'Noe" began to appear, she turned out to be the rather androgynous scary person I thought she might be. We hit the street party and I had no idea why most of the peeps were steering clear of me? (Ha!) Of course, that was no fun so I went looking for interaction. And, found it in a couple spots where I knew I would get feed back- the men'

Sipping a "High Ball" in Columbus

Yes there will be pictures of us, so don't panic if you don't see them in this post.  My fun started when I just got to sit back and be "the talent" and watch  my character-  Madame La'Noe come to life. Perhaps even better was, when I saw what Liz put together for herself. "He" was to be the Madam's personal escort dressed in suit, tie, fedora, suspenders and of course a parasol for the Madam in case of sprinkles.  And, oh yes, a handle bar mustache.  You could have knocked me over with the feather from her Fedora.  (sample on left) That's it for now!  More to come! A " High Ball " is a drink. is the name of the two day Halloween Party in Columbus, Ohio Liz and I were active participants last night and probably I will have about four blog posts relating all of it . In the mean time, just to teeeeeese you just a bit-Columbus is an incredibly diverse city with a huge university (Ohio State), government (state capi