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Saturday, April 27, 2024



Recently I received this comment from Kendra referring to one of my political posts. Since I am a firm believer in  equal time, here is the comment:

"I am sorry you believe that nonsense about Trump. I am also TG, and I feel none of what you are speaking of. We conservatives are actually a loving caring group of people. Yes, many don't understand the lifestyle, but no one wants to hurt us. Please do not fear us."

Thanks for the comment and the first fact I would like to counter with is I do not fear conservatives and I have often thought of voting for Liz Cheney if she had ever made it on the ballot. To make it clear, I do not consider tRumpt to be a conservative. I consider him to be a threat to our country's security and the basic rights to all citizens. 

Now, let's add in tRumpt calling veterans (which I am one of) losers, bragging about reversing basic women's rights to their own bodies and increasing the national debt four times while he was in office while at the same time pushing through tax breaks for the very wealthy. Plus the biggest one of all, his threat to be a dictator from day one after trying to overthrow the government before (Jan 6th).

Kendra, what I really fear are the transgender citizens and allies who don't realize tRumpt and the paid off SCOTUS is coming after your basic rights. Perhaps you haven't heard of the 2025 blueprint. If you haven't I suggest you research it yourself. 

What I also fear is my hopes for my transgender grandchild's life in the future long after I am gone. At the least I want my grandchild to use the rest room of their choice which is being challenged now in my native Ohio by (yes) a conservative majority in the state legislature. I want them to know I tried my best in any small way to help the transgender and LGBTQ cause. 

I know sometimes I may sound as if I am some sort of a radical left leaning person but I value the counterpoints of having conservatives in the system and I used to have lively discussions when I was in the Army when I was the only once saying at the least Nixon was a crook. 

My deepest desire is tRumpt is never given a chance to advance his agenda against the the country in general and the transgender community in particular. It doesn't take someone in a paygrade higher than mine to recognize that after trans people are erased the bigots will come after the remainder of the gay and lesbian community. 

So Kendra, yes I deeply believe the "nonsense" about tRumpt. 

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Running as Hard as I Can

Image from UnSplash

Throughout my life, I frenetically ran from one thing to another.

In theory I was never much of a runner and only ran  when I was forced to during times I was in the Army and/or played football. So running never came naturally to me. for some reason though, when I was discharged from the military was when I free to face the world again would I settle down or run again. My answer started to emerge. It didn't take long as  I remembered when I was discharged and was heading home to Ohio from Ft. Dix in New Jersey. Before I arrived home, I had the entire Pennsylvania Turnpike to drive. Before I did so,  I paused for a second to ponder what I was going to do with my life. Surprisingly, at that time gender played just a small part of my future. Perhaps I was saving my gender issues for the future. 

Possibly also, at the time, I was still basking in the glow of coming out as a transvestite or cross dresser to three of my closest friends in the Army. Included in the group was a woman who was also in the Army. We had worked out she would meet me following her discharge and we would decide what would come next in our relationship. After we decided to visit her parents in California from Ohio, we decided to get married and as I said, she was fully versed in my gender issues. At least to the point which I considered them to be. At the time, I considered myself a serious cross dresser and I had a long way to go to being transgender.

As time went by, I switched professions from being a commercial radio disc jockey to the restaurant industry which at the time was expanding rapidly. To support my new family (daughter), I needed to be able to make more money. During the same time, I wedged in buying a small bar with a friend which eventually became a fairly successful pizza and beer restaurant. To make matters worse, I was beginning to feel the gender pressures I would need somehow to learn to live with. Even though I managed to dress in drag on various Halloween parties I went to, the rest of the time, I lived in my dark lonely gender closet knowing the next day I would be back in my male drag. 

To make up for my issues, I tried to offset my thoughts by moving our home as well as switching jobs. In addition, when I could, I tried to participate in civic groups which gave back to the community. Anything it seemed to take my mind off my desire to be feminine. Along the way my second wife and I moved from our native Ohio to the New York City metro area and then back to a new very rural area of Ohio which bordered on West Virginia. In the space of a couple years we went from living in very upscale Westchester County, New York to living in a farmhouse near the Muskingum River in Ohio where we heated with wood and needed water trucked in during times of the year which were drier than others. I was running from my problems as fast as I could.

The end result was I finally had enough and I needed to face my problems head on. One lonely night, I realized I had experienced enough of living a transgender life, I wanted to live it full time. My old male self had lost the battle and my new life felt so natural. 

It turned out I was never very good at running to start with. 


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