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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The "T" Word

As you have probably guessed, I may be just a bit of a cynic.
Every once in a while I see a complete lack of humor in the transgender community.
Believe me, I'm with all of you. I too have experienced the struggles and discrimination we face.  It's hurtful and  tragic...but...

A new comedy set for Sydney Opera House is under fire from transpeople who view the word “tranny” as just as offensive as “faggot” or the n-word.

I guess I'm looking at a double standard here. No I hate being called a "tranny" or even a "drag queen". In this instance this reference though is just too good to pass up!

Just get your best friend to be the dog ,  retrieve that red curly wig from your closet and  you could win a Halloween costume contest!

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