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Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Girl, Her Hose and a Public "Selfie"

A couple nights ago, my partner and I went out for a dinner special at a nearby restaurant. The venue was rather empty but did have a small separate room for groups of ten or so.

Shortly after we arrived, a twenty something woman in her LBD (little black dress) headed for the room.  Nothing really remarkable about her except for her hose.  She dressed up the dress with black hose which had a vine design up the sides.  Both my partner and I noticed them immediately, not to mention the fact she seemed to be overdressed for the venue.

Obviously she was the first in her party to arrive and fidgeted around the room until she finally sat down and did what every other 20 something does-got out her smart phone.  She made a few calls and shortly after that quickly stretched out one leg and took a picture of her hose.

Before our food arrived, I had a chance to think old ingrained thoughts of how envious I was of her but then moved on to sort of a bemused thought.  No longer was I jealous I couldn't be her.  I felt instead a world removed from her youth and energy but not of her gender.

As the rest of her party began to arrive though, it seemed to be an all woman birthday party and she seemed again to be overdressed compared to the others.  Either she was the birthday girl or just wanted a quality "selfie" picture of her legs.

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