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Obsession and the Cross Dresser

Ever hear of the idea, cross dressers simply develop some sort of fetish for women's clothes. The more he pursues the fetish, the more it becomes a full blown obsession. No amount of money is too much for clothes and pictures or whatever. Before his spouse knows it, he drains the family savings and is heading to Thailand for SRS. Interestingly, years ago one of the people I knew in the 1980's talked about it with me. He wondered if he was "obsessed" with cross dressing or if it meant more.  On top of that he was a fireman and also wondered if his addiction to adrenaline on the job was similar to going out dressed as a woman. Before we lost touch I know she completed SRS years ago, so I hope she had the answer. In many ways, she was a role model for me as I was obsessed too. My obsession however came though from the chase to discovery.  Quickly my feminine existence in the real world became less and less involved with appearance and more and more with the "fee