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Supor Dad

On Father's Day I would be remiss in not passing this along if you haven't seen it: "Filmmaker Sharon Shattuck hailed from a conservative Midwestern town where everyone knew everyone else’s business.  But she thought she had a secret: her dad was transgender. Project Dad  (working title), a Co-Production of Wicked Delicate Films (Co-creators of  King Corn;   The City Dark,   The Greening of Southie ), follows the filmmaker’s quest to understand her dad’s side of the story through a two-way dialogue.  At turns humorous and heartwarming, the film uses a mix of footage shot by the filmmaker, and point-of-view flip-camera footage shot by her subjects, to answer the question, “What does it take to be a family?”  Springing from her experiences growing up in a supportive family surrounded by outside misunderstanding, the filmmaker seeks out other children of non-traditional families, expectant LGBT parents, family law experts, and politicians from both sides of the