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It's a New World

  Raquel  Without bringing up too much unpleasant history, it was possibly the time of Donald tRumpt's election when it became more and more in vogue to outwardly criticize transgender citizens.  I have an example.  A long time acquaintance of mine moved from Ohio to Texas eight years ago and lives full time as a transgender woman, mostly with no problems. Recently though all of that changed when she went to a diner she knows well. Her name is  Raquel  and here is a partial look at what went down: " I avoid news/politics. But I feel like I'm on people's radar lately. Yesterday as I was walking out of a diner, two drunk couples were in a booth, and this big tough guy gets my attention... "GUY: Hey! You're not a dude, are you? ME: [loudly] F***. You. GUY: I'll take that as a yes! (his friends are kinda looking around like WTF I'm not part of this) GUY: No, you're beautiful! You had me fooled! Coincidentally, this was the 8th anniversary of the day I

Transsexual Korean Beauty

Season Three of Korea’s Next Top Model features among its cast of aspiring fashionistas Choi Han-bit, who is transgender.