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Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

" Kerplunk!" another Sunday Edition from the Condo has hit your virtual front porch! Well, kids, another week has flown by and swept up October with it and brought in some chilly weather in Southwestern Ohio! My hot cup of "Joe" tastes good this morning! Page 1.- The week that was - or wasn't.   Of course the week that was, included Halloween-otherwise known as "All Halla's Eve" (Holla back) for cross dressers everywhere.  Three of the blogs I follow on a regular basis; Femulate , From "me" to Mandy , and Janie Blac k  all featured some sort of Halloween experiences. I enjoyed the differing perspectives! We also had a wide range of other "happenings" to reflect upon, such as the first Condo complete guest post ever from Pat, Helen Boyd's   post on Trans Partners and our look at " Bob Seger " . All in all, a busy week! Page 2.- The Battle goes on.   The tragic discrimination faced by active duty transgender

Out and About

All of the sudden if you look around, there are transgender women and men who are jumping into the spotlight simply because of who they are . Take Kristin Beck , the Navy Seal and now Jennifer Pritzker, 63, formerly James, who officially changed her listing to female and has become the world's first transgender billionaire. Only 12 percent of the Forbes 400 list of richest Americans are female, but in 2013, the ranks gained one member from the other side of the list. Or the South Dakota woman who just reached a landmark transgender discrimination settlement, keeping in step with a growing trend of cases that say transgender discrimination is applicable under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.  The $50,000 settlement is bringing transgender workers one step closer to federally recognized equal opportunity in the workplace. Transgender Discrimination Settlement Cori McCreery , 29, was fired in 2010 after telling her employer at Don's Valley Market in Rapid City, S.D. that

"Out" with Lynn Conway

If you are relatively new to the transgender culture, perhaps you haven't heard of one the true respected pioneers in our time Lynn Conway. Among   other accomplishments Lynn (right) is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Emerita, University of Michigan. Recently she wrote an article for the HuffPost Gay Voices called "The Many Shades of Out". It's a fabulous look into the recent decades of the transgender movement.  Here's the beginning: "On a sultry June afternoon, as my husband and I strolled towards the White House East Entrance, I reflected back to the time of my gender transition, in 1968.  Shamed as a social outcast, I'd lost my family, my friends and all social support. I'd been fired by IBM, and lost a promising computer research career. In many jurisdictions, I could have been arrested and charged as a sex offender -- or, worse yet, institutionalized and forced to undergo electroshock therapy in a mental hospital

Transgender Places to Visit

The first is an old site. It's a listing of some of the most successful accomplished transgendered women in the world.  " Lynn Conway " puts the site together and it's an excellent source of trans women who do more than look good!  Truly amazing what these women have accomplished! Another article comes from " Pride Source Michigan ".  " Alex Kracisky " 19, works as an intern at Transgender Michigan as a part her service on the AmeriCorps HIV/AIDS Team Detroit. She works with on line resources including an online resource called Trans Pages,  an index of Michigan businesses that are trans friendly." That includes places like doctors offices, clothing stores, restaurants, hair stylists. It's incredibly needed because I remember early in my transition I didn't know who to go to or what to do. It was invaluable." Alex represents a younger generation transwoman's attempt to change the world. We all can and have benefited b