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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cyrsti's Condo OOOOPPPS!

mona"Those who protest the loudest are often the most guilty" when it comes to LGBT haters.

In between all of the pictures of squeaky clean white people gleefully pronouncing they won't serve any of us (cause we got cooties.) They will go to any extent possible not to raise diverse kids.

Out of that mess comes this story passed along by Bobbie:  

34-year-old Steve Wiles is a GOP candidate for the North Carolina Senate. He supports Amendment 1, North Carolina’s ban on same-sex marriage. However, there is another side to Mr. Wiles. According Randy Duggins, former owner of the gay bar Club Odyssey, Wiles was a frequent patron of the club in the 1990’s. Further, circa 2001-2002, Wiles began working for the club as the performance booker and show director for drag shows. Wiles emceed the drag shows as a female impersonator named Miss Mona Sinclair, The Raw Story reports

Of course, Steve is a great politician and is refusing to come up with rational explanations to why he still has heels in the back of his closet. Plus, he still hangs on to the idea marriage is a religious institution.  The last time I checked Steve, here in Ohio you still have to get a marriage license to get married.  At that point you can go to the faith of your choice and get married under the God or Goddess  of your choice. Here in Ohio of course, we have an ancient Republican Attorney General who is against that idea - except if you talked about taking marriage license fees out of the coffers of Ohio municipalities. 

Hey Steve! You could stick with that political career and move to Indiana! Then again, I'm sure Miss Mona can still make a buck!

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