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On the Road to Oz

Brianna Austin, has been one of the most active transgender columnists for some time. Today here in Cyrsti's Condo, I am passing along one of her recent posts I loved. She wrote it  after watching  the Wizard of Oz movie over the holidays.    Here's an excerpt: "I was lounging around home this past holiday season and watched yet another classic, the Wizard of Oz, which I hadn't seen in years. I wondered, is Dorothy really so different than us? A girl lost in a far off land, yearning to find her way home. They say that home is where the heart is, so perhaps we are trying to find our internal home as well. She enlists the help of many strangers to assist her get home, only to discover that she alone was the only one that could make it happen. There is always that day when you look in the mirror and realize that regardless of whether your “girl” desires are fashion, passion, or bedroom fantasy, they don’t seem to be going away. You acknowledge – perhaps for the firs

The "Bearded Stalker"

I decided to write a small follow up post to my " Queen " epic here in Cyrsti's Condo.  Which by the way elicited a comment from Brianna Austin about the quest to be a princess rather than a queen! Depending on who you talk to, beard removal is one of the unpleasant, rather costly undertakings of transitioning male to female.Therein lies two of my problems and explains why I have not gone down the path of electrologist or laser treatments. First of all, I don't have the spendable income to start the process and secondly I have a huge adversion to pain or discomfort! Again, Momma Karma has dealt me a fairly decent hand.  I have never been a " Grizzly Adams " type person. The best facial hair I could ever really muster was in the "before" picture of me here in the blog. Now of course much of my facial hair is gray too which means laser removal wouldn't do much. Now I view the process as a necessary evil of my transgender status and am car

More Cassandra!

I recently mentioned Cassandra Cass and Brianna Austin here in Cyrsti's Condo. Perhaps I should have reversed the lady's names and called it the ABC posts? Sorry, you know how so I like a little play on words in my little mind! At any rate (as luck would have it) Brianna just posted a a set of pix and a link to Transtasia   on her TG Reporter.  Co incidentally, check out my lasted post while you are there! Thanks!

Cassandra Cass

Now that I got your attention with a picture of transgender actress Cassandra Cass , It's time to point out you should visit Brianna Austin's TG Reporter for a wonderful diverse look at our transgender - transsexual world...(TG Reporter even includes a touch of written content from me! Yes! I am biased kids!) Seriously, head over there on this link . Just to be extra nice, here's more of Cassandra!

We Got Mail!

"Hi Tech Condo In Box" I decided to bunch together several excellent comments I recently received. "Bearmountaineer" responded to the To be Or not to Be post on Stealth  question in the transgender community: "Maybe it makes sense NOT to be noticed when we don't want to be noticed, and TO BE noticed when we want to be noticed, as when we want to support others. But we might consider presenting a stealthy image, and breaking it on purpose to show people that we are "normal", but a small slice of the population...." I can only say I wish I had thought of this answer myself! Thanks!!!! Alice checked in a commented on the Atlanta Cotillion :  Cyrsti, as per my earlier comment, Atlanta will also welcome the Southern Comfort Conference this month. Both events can be viewed on Flickr as many of the men in attendance love to share their images when dressed so well to the nines. Thanks Alice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A portion of my Stuff pos

Cyrsti's Condo Mail Box

It was a great day in the response department and my staff of 50 has been struggling to keep up! When I opened my email this morning I was greeted by a wonderful letter from Jessica in France . As I told her I was humbled and flattered following her opinion of this effort...Thanks Jessica! Rest assured, praise is nice and this little ol eight grade educated Ohio transgender girl is happy when any of you stop by! Let's see now, we have a London, Ohio down the road. How far away can France really be? :) Seriously, I am flattered too when other highly visible people in the trans community drop by as Brianna Austin did to leave a comment on my Mentally Ill post:  "Normal is as normal does Forest Gump said, as did Sally Field when she appeared with Johnny Carson some years back, which was the thought behind my essay Defining Normal. Take a look and let me know what you think. Here ." The post brings up many compelling looks at the true lack of normality and is cert

New Post "Over Yonder"

I have passed along the fact I'm doing some writing over on Brianna Austin's TG Reporter site. The latest one about dealing with neighbors is here .

Gay Bar Survival Guide

"Brianna Austin" recently came up with this " Gay Bar Survival Guide." This whole idea has wonderful advice for you less experienced cross dressers just starting to test the feminine waters. Gay bars and clubs seemingly are naturals for this process but again all may not be as it seems in some places. I have told the story several times here about the intense transgender discrimination I experienced one night in a male gay bar. It was an experience which gave me the willpower to establish myself in straight venues. Follow the link above for more!

Branching Out!

Well, it's Spring around here (more or less) and as the plants and trees start to grow I am growing just a bit too! (Not the hormones this time!) I'm starting a column on"Brianna Austin's  TG" I will have more for you later!