Cyrsti's Condo Mail Box

It was a great day in the response department and my staff of 50 has been struggling to keep up! When I opened my email this morning I was greeted by a wonderful letter from Jessica in France. As I told her I was humbled and flattered following her opinion of this effort...Thanks Jessica!

Rest assured, praise is nice and this little ol eight grade educated Ohio transgender girl is happy when any of you stop by! Let's see now, we have a London, Ohio down the road. How far away can France really be? :)

Seriously, I am flattered too when other highly visible people in the trans community drop by as Brianna Austin did to leave a comment on my Mentally Ill post:
 "Normal is as normal does Forest Gump said, as did Sally Field when she appeared with Johnny Carson some years back, which was the thought behind my essay Defining Normal. Take a look and let me know what you think. Here."

The post brings up many compelling looks at the true lack of normality and is certainly worth your time.
For the moment I would like to add  Normal to me would have been waking up in the morning knowing what gender I was.. Since it never happened, being transgender became my norm once I accepted it.

And then one of my favorite contributors to this cosmic collection of gender flux is Jamiegottagun and brings it to many discussions!
In many ways she comments on subjects which I am too lazy or lose interest in to go deeper in my posts. You all have to remember I share attention spans with young kids!
At any rate Jamie commented on PMS . To paraphrase she said her male appearing body produces female hormones naturally so most months experiences a non menstrual period. (Which I knew does exist in genetic women too and the fact many men do have a monthly period.) I posted her full comment on the blog itself.
You see, many times you all are very helpful with information.
I also want to go out on a very thick limb here and state the full menstrual process is similar to the rest room card. If a genetic women is insecure about herself she may play them on you!

Finally! The fun comment- again from Jamie mentioning my  Monica Roberts and the Tea Baggers post.
Yes Jamie I do read some of Monica's "stuff" as well as some of the "stuff" from Rad Fems etc.
I'm a firm believer in the rants from the right and left perhaps we can find a middle point,
I have to tell you if I was a Black American in this country today, I would agree more in her criticism of the Republican Party.
Also, I do wonder what happened to all those fervent T Party rallies which used to frequent my conservative part of the country?
Then again, I was the one person in my unit in the military who would admit to voting for McGovern over Nixon.  When my tour was up I told them "Mark my words...Nixon's a crook."
As far as Monica being a bigot? Hell yes!
For all I know, she will stop in and blast me!!!!

Thanks All!!!!!