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Monday, May 16, 2016

Hamburger Mary's

Last night, one of CBS's "Undercover Boss" shows featured a place called
 "Hamburger Mary's".  In the show owners and executives go undercover to see
how their companies are really running and if they need
 to make improvements. During last night's show, one of the owners even went undercover 
as a drag queen at one of their LGBT friendly eateries/bar. From the companies web site:
Co-owner Ashley Wright prepares for a drag show at Hamburger Mary's.
Ashley Wright (Co Owner) on Left
Hamburger Mary’s offers a flamboyant dining experience,
 along with nightly entertainment from our "Dining with the Diva's" drag shows
 and charity “HamBingo Mary’s” to MaryOke-Karaoke and trivia nights.
As fun as all of that sounds, my whole reason for writing this post has to do with the
 way the two twin brothers Ashley and Brandon Wright who own the company are trying
to rebuild it.
In last nights show, the owners went undercover with a whole rainbow of employees.
They started with a fairly obvious straight server trainer, went to a gorgeous drag 
performer/trainer who was transgender, a lesbian bar manager and finally a gay server.
The gay server in particular was singing the praises of Hamburger Mary's as a safe
place to work...which is huge as we know.
Remember too, if you live close to one of Hamburger Mary's venues, Support them
Because the Wright Brothers are doing the Wright thing for the LGBT  community!!!!!
 (Couldn't resist it!)

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