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Love at Christmas!

Recently, MtF transgender activist Janet Mock began hosting an online show on MSNBC . Then, she celebrated another milestone- a romantic one! This weekend the longtime boyfriend of transgender author and activist Janet Mock upstaged her Friday debut as a host of an online show for MSNBC. He popped the question, and Mock revealed the news — and showed off the ring — to her fans and friends on  Instagram  and Twitter,  declaring, simply: “I said YES.” Here's the juicy  love story from the Advocate:  Tredwell met Mock early Easter morning of 2009 at a bar in Manhattan, and as she described their first encounter in an article on   XOJane,   she caught him looking at her as she twirled on the dance floor. “He's a fantasy come true, and I want him to want me,” she recalled. They went for a walk on Houston Street. Over lattes and a cinnamon roll, they shared their stories: He’s from North Dakota, takes photos, and trains dogs for a living; she’s from Hawaii and works as an edit


Several years ago "MSNBC" did a show on a transgendered person who was going the distance to live as her chosen gender until a church entered her life. Here is one of the "after" pictures. The entire story is at "A Gender Variance..Who's Who? . I remember being fascinated and saddened by Micheal Burke's story but I never knew she went to "Wright State University" which is in my backyard so to speak. To make a very long story short, Micheal spent nearly 80 grand to become "Michelle". She never completed the SRS and ended up in Florida.  Somewhere along the line in the "Sunshine State" Michelle fell under the spell of a mega church and reverted back to Micheal. Now Michelle is stuck again as Micheal unable to raise 80 grand to go back. There really is no "moral" to this story. Looking back , it seemed "MSNBC" took the mega church to task for meddling in a fragile person's life. Seemingly Miche