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Tears and the Transgender Girl

Another of my "trifecta" of hormonal results involves tears and the trans girl. Of course men crying is rejected as weakness- except in times of extreme duress and that was me. Now I discover I feel deeper senses of joy or melancholy but certainly haven't bought into the fallacy that women are the weaker gender. Ironically, crying still isn't a sign of weakness. It's a sign of feeling. Memories, friends and world are suddenly closer to my emotions. I still can't say I'm reduced to huge bouts of sobbing but then again I know several genetic women who aren't either. I can say though I have cried more in the last eight or ten months than the last last 50 years. As in so many things in this transition process, I didn't set off to do a scientific experiment or to add relevance to my feminine inner self. It just happened. Taking all of this a step further, I recently received an email from a person considering beginning HRT at the age of 60. The