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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Transgender Beauty Queen

Ashton, age 17, at the Miss Teen Columbus Pageant 2008.By now you are thinking Cyrsti, that is not so new anymore, fortunately. Plus, the nature of Cyrsti's Condo subject matter is normally MtF in nature (since of course is what I am.) So, waaaaasssup?

This story about Ashton Colby story though is different. Ashton is a FtM former beauty queen. That's right kids, he gave up his trophy to be a

From Today "Health & WellnessThe Columbus, Ohio, native spent his teen years competing on the notoriously gender-normative pageant circuit, a way of suppressing his natural inclination to behave the opposite way. "From a young age, I was a tomboy," Colby recalled. "Before puberty, it's fine to be that person. But in middle school, kids start making fun of you, and adults start having other expectations of what your life should be."

A typical story to be sure, but not one considered deeply by trans women consumed by the "what ifs"  of even having the chance to be considered a "tom boy". What we don't realize in our onward 
hell bent rushes to be women, trans guys have it just as bad.

Ashton's story provides more than a little insight. Make sure to follow the link above for more.

Ashton, 23, believes that the key to happiness is honoring yourself from within

Workplace Issues

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