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As you may or may not know, Kathmandu   is the capital of Nepal in the Himilayas. Decades ago in a land and life far, far away- Kathmandu took on an almost mystical place in my life. As some of you know, my time in the Southeast  non war we fought in was served in Thailand. So yes, I too took a trip to Bangkok and like some of you, not to stay long. We were quickly shipped north to an area 50 miles south of the Mekong River . If you know any of the "culture" of the time, you probably have heard the term " Thai Stick"  which vaguely described different forms of marijuana. Needless to say where we were stationed was known for the real Thai stick.  It's rumored that my friends and I took advantage of the location and the home grown Mekong Thai Stick. Six months into my tour a friend and I had a chance to fly round trip to Kathmandu for a ridiculous small amount of money. Here we were with a chance to go to the mystical capital of Nepal where few have gone and.