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Monday, January 1, 2024

New Years


Image from Joshua
Kettle on UnSplash

It doesn't seem possible but it is time once again to look at a year behind us and look forward to another. As my Mom used to say, life is similar to a roll of toilet paper. The closer it comes to the end, the faster it goes. Very philosophical of Mom to be sure.

In my younger years I used to use a lot of alcohol to celebrate the coming of a New Year. The process didn't really amount to much other than a tequila or Mescal fueled evening of misadventures. One will forever be ingrained in my mind when I kissed my future sister in law before I kissed my future wife when the New Year began. Not to worry, my wife got even with me for years after the huge mistake I made. 

Of course the biggest problem I always had was trying to drink away my gender problems at the beginning of a New Year. Each year I wondered deep down if the year coming up would see me finally being able to live my gender truth and cast aside the shackles I had always felt living as woman cross dressed as a man. 

Eventually, it turned out all the grand predictions I made on New Years the year to come was finally going to be the one when I would explore all the changes I would need to make to transition into a transgender woman. Would I ever have the courage to do it. 

The whole process in many ways snuck up on me. Even though I stayed the course, good or bad as I kept exploring my options and I almost waited too long. The self destructive behavior I indulged in many times almost killed me. The end result was my resolutions to change my authentic self would finally come true. 

Now my party days are behind me and I will spend New Years with Liz from the comfort of my couch hoping nothing crazy happens when the ball goes down in  New York's Times Square. No matter where you are in your life journey, may you spend the New Year enjoying new beginnings which lead to a more fulfilling life.

Happy New Years! Thanks for stopping by Cyrsti's Condo over the past year. You make the whole effort worthwhile. 

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