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Safe Haven

Once a month I try to attend a group dedicated to providing safe havens for anyone who may need them- from LGBTQ to beyond. People dealing with drug, weight, abuse and cutting problems to name a few. I have a tendency to show up at the meetings with a chip on my shoulder of sorts. Sure, growing up transgender was no piece of cake, but few lives are. It seems my heart has been broken almost every meeting. Why do I go? It seems (unless there is a transgender speaker), I am the lone transgender regular to make an appearance. What I would like to see is a Native American Indian representative talk about the faded influence of twin or two spirited individuals in the tribal systems. If you aren't familiar,  "Two Spirit" is not interchangeable with "LGBT Native American" or "Gay Indian"; [2]  this title differs from most western, mainstream definitions of  sexuality  and  gender identity  in that it is not so much about whom one sleeps with, or how one p

Two Spirits Headed To DC.

PBS-Independent Lens broadcasted the film  TWO SPIRITS nationally from June 14th-29th, 2011. A year later, the "Two Spirit Group" has been invited to the White House! Follow this link  to learn more plus news about another project "Shi Ma' ".