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Perhaps you have read or heard of Christine Hallquist. To refresh your memory, she won the Vermont primary, becoming the first transgender woman to win a major party nomination for a state governor. Of course any story of how a trans person can accomplish such a feat is amazing, but here is a bit of Christine's: In the fall of 2015, the thought of running for office was not even in the “realm of possibility” for Christine Hallquist, she said in an interview with The Washington Post. Hallquist, then CEO of Vermont Electric Cooperative, was in the midst of  coming out professionally as a woman to her employees and worried they might not accept her. The company’s website still indicated that the firm was led by a man, Vermont alternative weekly  Seven Days  reported at the time. Her emails were still signed by her former name. “Here I am, the transgender CEO of one of the most macho businesses,” Hallquist told Seven Days. Just three years later, Hallquist could become th