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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Boob Job?

I suppose I could have added this post into the More Than Meets the Eye post in a lot of ways.  Out of the clear blue sky on our trip my girlfriend asked if I would want a boob job? I didn't hesitate and said yes! She said she had considered how much better I could fill out halter tops and other fashions this summer with more "boobage".  It occurred to me I should have added this idea to my summer vision of seeing, doing and being. How much more fun would it be to "show off" a nice set of breasts this summer?  Certainly I know my breasts will grow to a genetically predetermined point from the HRT (that I don't know) but surgery would provide instant gratification. 

Frankly, the idea of an operation is an impossible financial dream to me right now...but what a delicious dream it is! Plus, if a person can't dream much of life is lost.

While we are on the subject of boobs, I received my second girl lesson of the best place to store your cell phone. In your bra.  I do know for a fact that certain companies make a bra for that purpose and I do know for a fact I loved the sensation when someone texts me. To do it though, I had to become smooth at the process so I wouldn't attract attention of fishing down my shirt. It's a huge improvement over finding my phone in my purse.

As with many genetic women I do a lot of communication on my cell phone and this lesson was a great one!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm Still Here!

Well I woke up this morning and found I did NOT win the 16 zillion dollar Power Ball Lottery. The odds of winning were something close to getting hit by lightning 175 times- in the same month!!! Ouch! That would hurt.
Sadder yet is no television reporter stopped me where I bought the ticket and asked me what I would do with the money. Hmmmm....something good and decent for humanity? Like a boob job and some facial feminizing surgery? Or how about research on controlling lightening hitting me?

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