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 Seemingly, like a bunch of screaming spoiled children, the state of Ohio has given up and will not fight the court case which allows transgender women and men to change their birth certificates.  This comes from Cincinnati.Com  : " The Ohio Department of Health will not appeal  a December court decision  requiring the agency to accept requests from transgender people to reflect a gender different from the one assigned at birth, according to a Thursday court filing. The department is working on a process for people to request the change and expects to have it in place by June 1." Not surprisingly p laintiffs in the case said they ran into legal and professional problems because the gender on their birth certificate didn’t match their driver's license and other government documents. One was physically threatened after her mismatched birth certificate outed her as transgender at work. Ohio and Tennessee were the last two states to deny transgender citizens the right to chan

Now There are Only Two

Kansas has become the 48th state in America to allow transgender people to change the gender designations on their birth certificates. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has entered a consent judgment in  a federal lawsuit to allow  people to legally change the gender in their birth records by submitting a personal sworn statement of gender identity. In addition, they would have to provide a drivers license or passport with their new identity, or an affidavit from a physician or mental health professional attesting to the person’s gender identity. Now, the only two states left not allowing birth certificate changes are Tennessee and Ohio. I am sure some of you discerning Cyrsti's Condo's readers are aware I am from Ohio.  Our birth certificate case is in the courts now and hopefully we will climb out of the middle ages in this area also. I have changed all my other gender markers and am waiting to do my birth certificate too!