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Cyrsti's Condo "Movin Picture Show" Revue

Lately, I have found that 3 in the morning has been a wonderful time to wake up-if I want to or not.  Last night (or this morning) at 3 am I found myself watching The Crying Game from 1992. If you are not familiar, one of the central plot characters in the movie was a young transgender woman named Dil. She was played by a very androgynous male actor by the name of Jaye Davidson.   As I revisited the movie and even though it has been years since I have seen it, I was surprised about how little I remembered about parts of it. Normally, I have a tendency to remember everything concerning my old days of cross dressing and any public references to it.  The movie Tootsie is an example. I think the reason now is that I don't remember parts of the "Crying Game" is a reflection on how I have changed.  In 1992 I was totally wrapped up in how convincing Davidson looked as a trans woman.  His legs, hair, outfits etc.  But last night, I watched it from an emotional viewpoint.