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Summer's #1 Accessory

Like so many things in my noggin', I can't remember exactly when I saw this ad first for a woman's skin care product:   Your number one accessory this summer, is your skin!  I do remember however, how much I wanted my skin to be just that. I had spent an entire lifetime aching to be like the girl and woman next door with cute tops, shorts, skirts and sundresses.  It all seemed to be the impossible dream. I paid my dues in the summer time as a cross dresser. Due to work considerations, I couldn't remove the hair from my arms so I had to find the very rare piece of women's clothing which covered my arms in the summer.  I did end up finding a few tops here and there which were very lightweight and wearable. However, I just drew attention to myself  being the only woman in the room wearing long sleeves on a sweltering summer day. My legs were a different story.  Even before I started HRT, I had no problem keeping my legs free of hair. In fact, the older I got, the l