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Friday, April 7, 2017

What People Who Exclude Trans Women from Real Women Should Know

This title comes from a "Huffington Post" article I just read. By Katelyn Burns.  She begins by writing:

"A series of liberal newspapers have printed op-eds by prominent feminists declaring cisgender womanhood to be the real womanhood. What they all miss is how the language declaring “real womanhood” has been a racial and patriarchal oppressive dehumanizing tactic for centuries. It leads me to wonder, why is there a need to declare one thing, one experience, one human life to be “real” at the detriment to all others? "

She goes on to write about "keeping up with the Joneses of womanhood.

How accurate! Plus, it's true we don't have all the resources cis women have and for the great majority of transgender women, we get a late start. And:

"As a transgender woman, my womanhood is constantly questioned. Not only in newspapers, but in comedy specials, by my government, by my elected officials, even by my family"

I also like her (Katelyn) points about freely admitting she does not know all the experiences of a cis-woman or vice versa. It's a shame the whole matter has come down in some people's minds as who has paid the most dues.

This is a very interesting article and I urge you to follow the link above for a thought provoking read.

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