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Friday, December 19, 2014

Dave, Darlene and Christmas

Darlene Love (New York Times Picture)
I feel a great loss coming.  In May, David Letterman is calling it quits.  Of all the late show hosts, Letterman represented to me - my generation.  I was too young for much of Johnny Carson, Jay Leno was OK, but Letterman who hails from neighboring Indiana, was just right.

I feel old when I think another of my generation is moving on but tonight, I will be sobbing like a baby girl as Darlene Love sings her "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) song for the final time tonight. Darlene Love is 73 and still can wail! The song is an original from a Phil Spector produced 1963 Christmas Album.

If you aren't in a place to see David Letterman's show, take the time to get on YouTube and watch Darlene Love put broken down pretenders like Mariah Carey in her Christmas dust!

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