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Now We Went and Did It!

More than likely when you were a kid, you were told not to do something and off you went to see if the consequences were going to be as bad as predicted. Sure thing! That hot stove burner did hurt! Are we now in a similar situation as the transgender nation? Recent developments may indicate yes. During the past week, names such as Don Ennis , B. Scott and now  Phillip Porter have made the headlines as some sort of former or current transgender women. To start with, I don't believe in a former transgender person. If you are-you are.  I certainly do believe however,  in those who don't understand their inner gender and eventually change. Free choice is good choice if it's your choice. All of this new transgender "news activity" does lead me to wonder though how it individually effects me and others.  Just as we were starting to turn the corner with positive public information, will I now have to deal with those who think I'm doing all of this as some sor

Phillip Porter and the Privilege Game

I just saw this story this morning (Sat) and assuming it's all true, Phillip Porter may have played one of the most classic privilege shell games ever. The headlines just scream attention: "Phillip Porter former Transgender Woman and NFL Cheerleader". Phillip just happened to also mention he was a topless dancer too. So if you consider living a glamorous public life as a beautiful woman as "privilege" he had it all. Why the change? Phil's self proclaimed "mid life crisis". As all genetic women know, at a certain point NFL Cheerleader looks will fall behind and menopause moves into the lead - and as you guessed, Phil decided he probably didn't want any of the hot flashes and fun effects of being a mid life woman. No gold stars are given out here kids. I'm guessing Phil jumped from a very bleak male privilege situation while the getting was good (and doable evidently) into the female situation and when the going looked to be rough jumpe