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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

What Does it Mean to Me?

For some reason, in the waiting room I use when I visit my therapist at the Veteran's Administration always carries the latest issue of Glamour Magazine along with an incredible collection of boring male adventure issues.  It has occurred to me there must be several transgender women besides myself who use this waiting room.

Today, as I was looking through it , it occurred to me, what did it all really mean. After all, it seems to be focused on the millennial female market.

Slowly but surely though, my noggin began to realize in trans years, I am a millennial. Even though I still can't even come close to the makeup and clothing styles I see, all the other articles about the future of women in society and their overall attitude, mean everything. I began to notice the  extra amount of material which focused on feminine attitude and success.

It was worth the read.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The "Out" Door Opens Again!

From Lexie Cannes :

 THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — First it was musician Laura Jane Grace in the Spring, followed by film director Lana Wachowski’s debut this Summer. Now Australia’s Lindsay Walker, an artist who has previously drawn a number of covers for The Phantom comic book series, has recently made her transition to female official. While Walker may not be as famous as Grace and Wachowski, the comic book phenomena is nothing to sneeze at. Like her trans peers elsewhere in the art world, Walker becomes a role model for trans people following comic books in general and The Phantom in particular. In addition, the knowledge of a trans artist in the business helps “normalizes” the presence of trans people. Thumbs up to Lindsay Walker, another trans role model.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Alex's Story-Clair's Journey and More

By "Alison Walsh" of National Geographic Channels.
Male or female? Boy or girl? Most of us can answer that question without a second thought, but for some people, the answer isn’t so simple. American Transgender takes us firsthand into the daily lives of three individuals—Clair, Jim, and Eli—who each identify with a different gender from the one in which they were born and raised. We witness their struggles and triumphs, and experience their hopes and fears. How do they manage at work, build careers, maintain friendships, and nurture lasting, intimate partnerships? Each of the characters in the film tells their story in their own words as we follow them through life’s daily battles and victories, both large and small.

Go here for more!

Workplace Issues

Image from Gabrielle Henderson  on UnSplash. Sadly, many transgender women and trans men still get discriminated against when they seek out ...