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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Walking into the Trans Zone

Here I was, innocently working diligently on my errands. Among other things, I was shopping around for some sort of a portable electronic device enabling me to write in other locations. As my daughter told me an I-pad or tablet or whatever. While I was there (in just another of the giant box stores) my phone rang and it was the Advocate handling my VA case. (Yes, the system is still plodding along.) Along the way here in the last month she has reassured me my approval for outside treatment is going to happen. BUT, the latest holdup is the paperwork was filed wrong and has to be refiled. Can't say that wasn't a total surprise in a government system. The problem with bureaucratic mistakes is now I'm running out of time with my supply of meds. She told me today at the worst my primary physician at the VA has been told to give me an extra month. So that's all good.
As I have said, patience is not one of my virtues!
So, on the way back from my 5 mile hike through the store, I just happened to stroll by the cosmetics section and just happened to price the same foundation purchased at a nearby box store the other day. Of course the price was about the same so I felt good about that.
Then, as I was cashing out, I started to notice my male cashier maybe wasn't going to be so male for much longer. What I noticed first was a rather effeminate voice (so?) and a pleasant personality (different!) but then I noticed a very definite set of breast buds coming through his shirt.
If it was true, I feel really good for the young trans woman who waited on me and wish her the best.
I'm only sorry I couldn't have said more.
I picked up my big one item purchase, headed out the doors and back into the other world.

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