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Cross Dressing "Shorts"

Without getting too hung up in how "Elizabeth Stacey" labels herself on YouTube. Cross dresser, T-girl or what, she is worth a look on the Cyrsti's Condo big screen:

Mimi Marks Classic

Mimi Marks 2005

Connect the dots

With all the changes in my life recently, a new dose of reality is setting it. I've always have been very careful of my male self creeping into my female life. Now the opposite is beginning to occur. I've passed along the times I've been referred to as "mam" or "she" when I'm not dressed as one. I don't think I have any qualities that would cause that to happen except my personality. I was subconsciously  projecting girl is my best guess. You know the many times a clerk will not even look at you until the very end of the transaction.  I will get the "she" comment until she looks up. Flattering I guess! One of the other female traits that is showing up in my male life is the compliment syndrome. Obviously, women are much more in tune with with nuances of a look. Hair, accessories and clothes are all noticed. Guys of course are into the big picture. "You look nice" is more male than "Wow, I love those earrings". Wi

Get Frisky!

On my trips around the web, I sometimes find sites so uniquely feminine I just have to pass them along. I used to be very envious of women and their world on these sites. Now I find them great fun and a great learning tool. Makeup and fashion tips are just the beginning  at " The Frisky ". The site just drips estrogen! Girl stuff such as celebrity gossip and lifestyle issues make the whole site similar to a much tamer " Cosmo " magazine. Check it out. Speaking of "girl stuff" and estrogen, I'm adding this Trans Girl to my "Red Head Hall of Fame". She is " Jamie Clayton " who moved to New York City from San Diego and became a renown makeup artist. In 2008, Jamie decide to step out of "stealth" mode and agreed to an article about her transgendered life. Just click on the link above to read more about her! Of course, I couldn't resist one more picture!

Oh No She Didn't!

Really? "Cassandra Cass" pictured here is a star in San Fransisco and recently has been added to Showtime TV's new midnight show "Wild Things". This "Wild Thing" was born "Casey" in Des Moines, Iowa 32 years ago and has reportedly spent 150 grand to be the girl she is today. I knew that SRS and cosmetic procedures were expensive but WOW that's a lot of cash! Go to her "Flickr" site to see what 150 grand will buy! I wonder which "sugar daddy" bought it?

Transgender.A Blessing OR A Curse?

For transgender folks like us, this question has burned a deep hole in our psyche. On one hand we hate one side of ourselves. On the other we can't wait to return to the other side. How many times have I written about the joy of feeling my long curls on my bare back and shoulders or the soft feel of a skirt on my freshly shaven legs. How exotic is it to throw back my shoulders and give my "girls" a little extra exposure in a soft slinky form fitting top. I will forever remember the looks I have had on occasion that I know saw me as female. I also remember the looks that didn't. The pointing, the whispering and yes-even the laughter. How many times have I wanted to go home and forget any of this insanity ever happened? But then there are times when friends of both genders approach me with questions about their opposite gender. Why do guys act a certain way? Why do women? They believe I should know, and I'm learning! The blessing is to have been added to sever

A Picture Tells...

A thousand words? Or is the image a look into your soul? Can't answer either. I have noticed many pix of transgendered people do show a profound happiness or sadness.  Normally, there is no in between. When I post a new picture on my flickr photo  site I get several comments and connections.  I wonder what you really see or even what I really see. Sometimes I wonder who is that? Other times I see the real me. I see the other person who resides in my soul. I see a woman who looks amazingly like my Mom. I see attractive or I see male. Recently, I've had questions asking if all the pictures were of me. I can understand the confusion. I've been a blond, redhead and brunette. Why? The girl inside has not decided who she is totally. But- Does the hair color really matter or is it a fun girl thing? At the end of the day, the picture is only an image. If the day is clear maybe you just might get a look into your soul. I did.

Want to be in Pictures???

Here is your chance. is in it's early stages of set up.  Tranisa is searching for models to shoot tastefully done features. If you think it's time to be discovered. You may want to visit the site!

Candis Cayne

I could not resist sharing this photo of the beautiful actress "Candis Cayne". Great to see a transgendered actress playing transgendered women!