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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Overthinking Again!

My doctor's appointment today started the same as any other.
Worry what to wear, hurry to get there-to wait.
Wait I did. Long enough to actually attempt to read a couple "People's" magazines cover to cover.
Finally the Doctor showed up in his bright white coat.
Quick and to the point he asked about my progress and I told him. He then asked if I expereinced any "side effects" and I said no negative ones and I simply "loved the process" so far.
He said wonderful. Let's double your estrogen! Maybe he read my last post?
So I'm the proud possessor of 6 months worth of estrogen and spiro to block that nasty testosterone plus a six month reprieve from the doc!
Life is good!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Virginia Prince-Role Model?

If you are more mature you will remember Virginia Prince and her book "How to Be Female Though Male".(1979) and an earlier book "The Transvestite and His Wife".(1967).
Recently, Prince who passed away in 2009 has been credited and not credited with first using the Transgendered term.
Regardless of all of that, I remember buying both books and wishing I still had them as transgendered collector items! I'm thinking of coming up with the 12 bucks or so to reread them to see what is still relevant. As far as I know it all  could be.
When I read it I was 30 something and really going through my transgendered adolescence. I viewed Prince as a prude Grandma type (and still do!) But I did use both books to help educate my wife!
Every once in awhile, her name does come up and I even thought of her the other night in a restroom.  I was going through my purse looking for my lipstick. As I was looking I came across the "feminine hygiene product" I carry in my purse. Why do I carry it? Because so many years ago my "Grannie Virginia" said I should.  She said it was a sure fire way to solidify your female image in the women's room. You could be able to help a fellow girl in need!
As I was mentally reliving my past Virginia Prince's name came up loud and clear.
If by chance you don't know much about her, she is an interesting pioneer of sorts in our transgendered culture. Her legacy still provokes quite a bit of pro and con discussion!
She also founded "Tri-Ess" still very much in existence today. Tri-Ess  bills itself as the (The Society for the Second Self) ; an international educational, social and support group for heterosexual crossdressers, their partners, the spouses of married crossdressers and their families.
Tri-Ess has more than 30 chapters nationwide in the United States, and is a member of the World Congress of Transgender Organizations.
The group initially provided me with my first steps out of the transgendered closet and ironically introduced me to many individuals of all sexual persuasions. I vividly remember the first meetings with my wife.  From rooms with cigar smoking men in dresses (before it was chic) to beautiful girls getting ready to out on the town, the group was wonderfully diverse. I met friends I knew for decades, had my first makeover and first attempted pick up move by a guy in a bar. That was only the beginning.
Over the years I grew past Tri-Ess but highly recommend the organization for those who need a high level of discretion or are just discovering  more of their female self. It certainly worked for me and is another huge reason I'm the girl I am today.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Transgender Journey: From Ramesh to Rose!

Pictured on the right is India’s first transgender celebrity :
She talked about her trauma recently in an interview with
the Sunday Observer   Rose  who spoke about her traumatic past to become a woman, requested people to look at transgendered people
as human beings and not to throw them into dark
corners and make their lives miserable.
Rose knows firsthand how bad the transgendered experience can be.  She hails from a society where a transgendered person is tagged as a ‘hijara’, meaning immoral and evil. “but we are not immoral, evil dirty or prostitutes”, she says.
Through hard work and education, Rose gained popularity in Tamil Nadu with her TV talk show ‘Ippadikku
Rose’ - Yours truly, Rose where she talks about social issues
including traditions, taboos, rebels and culture telecast on Vijaya
Follow the link to learn more!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

All Dressed Up and No Where To Go!

Malaika, A Chennai girl will be India's  first contestant in the Thailand, Miss International Queen Pageant 2011.  Born male, Malaika, 28, has been through four major surgeries and a series of medical treatments to transform into the dancer-model pictured on the left..
However, Malaika still does not have a sponsor. She said:
“The contest requires me to wear seven different costumes including a grand evening gown, a traditional dress and a swimsuit. I also have to bear the expenses of the travel and accommodation for the special make-up artist I need for the talent round. Unless I get a sponsor, I cannot participate".
Hopefully she will be successful finding a sponsor and becoming a positive transgendered influence in India.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hey Dude! Nice Costume! (From Last November)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Party?

Due to work obligations, I knew my Halloween this year was not going to happen.
I didn't give the matter much thought as I entered my usual hang out last Friday night-and walked right into their Halloween party.
I almost panicked!  A Halloween party is one of the hardest places to present as an actual female. People are obviously looking for all others in costume. "Ha Ha dude, want a beer? Nice costume" is exactly what I heard one place last year when I went to one of the biggest Halloween street fairs in the state. Unfortunately I was just dressed as costume.
This year again I  was just in jeans and a sweater as I quickly surveyed the scene and got ready for reaction.. I saw about half the group was actually in costume.
I was sure someone would spot me as a possible costume contestant but  I was able to find a seat at the bar with no trouble. I got no reaction.
Soon, after my first beer, it was time to survey the crowd to see if anyone else was dressed as a girl. Interestingly enough, the only remote possibility was a person across the bar wearing some big blond hair. "He" turned out of be one of the female managers in costume and probably wouldn't appreciate my thoughts on her costume. She made a great "drag queen"!
I guess you could say my Halloween was real boring this year for all the right reasons!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rant Part Two

Hi all!
Just a little clarification of the "we don't dispense" hormones here statement.
I'm really don't think any of this is over. The whole story is just beginning.
First and foremost, I have to get the approval letter.
When and if that happens, then I can make the decision to attempt to open some doors that should not be closed to us!
We shall see!!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Want to be in Pictures???

Here is your chance. is in it's early stages of set up.  Tranisa is searching for models to shoot tastefully done features. If you think it's time to be discovered. You may want to visit the site!

Sink or Swim

Image from Trans Wellness Event.  Jessie Hart Archives.  Many times when I first entered the world as a new cross dresser or femininized mal...