A Picture Tells...

A thousand words? Or is the image a look into your soul?
Can't answer either.
I have noticed many pix of transgendered people do show a profound happiness or sadness.  Normally, there is no in between.
When I post a new picture on my flickr photo 
site I get several comments and connections.  I wonder what you really see or even what I really see.
Sometimes I wonder who is that? Other times I see the real me. I see the other person who resides in my soul. I see a woman who looks amazingly like my Mom. I see attractive or I see male.
Recently, I've had questions asking if all the pictures were of me.
I can understand the confusion. I've been a blond, redhead and brunette. Why? The girl inside has not decided who she is totally. But-
Does the hair color really matter or is it a fun girl thing?
At the end of the day, the picture is only an image. If the day is clear maybe you just might get a look into your soul.
I did.