Get Frisky!

On my trips around the web, I sometimes find sites so uniquely feminine I just have to pass them along. I used to be very envious of women and their world on these sites. Now I find them great fun and a great learning tool. Makeup and fashion tips are just the beginning  at "The Frisky". The site just drips estrogen!
Girl stuff such as celebrity gossip and lifestyle issues make the whole site similar to a much tamer "Cosmo" magazine. Check it out.

Speaking of "girl stuff" and estrogen, I'm adding this Trans Girl to my "Red Head Hall of Fame".

She is "Jamie Clayton" who moved to New York City from San Diego and became a renown makeup artist.
In 2008, Jamie decide to step out of "stealth" mode and agreed to an article about her transgendered life.
Just click on the link above to read more about her!
Of course, I couldn't resist one more picture!