Follow Up!

Time goes by so quickly. It does not seem possible the big Monday Night Football trip is now 3 weeks old.
Some have asked for more info about the evening! and what I would do different.
I already discussed the biggest! I had a real hard time relaxing that evening and letting the night play out. I didn't wear my team jersey which I do wear to sports bars when I watch them on TV.  Why? I was searching for the best possible outfit. I needed to stay warm and look the best I could.  The night turned out to be so mild that a long sleeved shirt under my jersey would have been fine.  Ironically, the jersey is long enough that it gives me a good body shape when I wear it with my favorite old hippie bell bottoms.
OK, enough is enough about fashion. I didn't practice what I preach. "Attitude" is a huge part of presenting female. Did OK but could have done MUCH better.
I've been through this I know but I thought up some other ideas to pass along.  I thought of what the genders do differently at a sports game.  Being a passionate fan is not restricted to one gender anymore.   The women around us were whooping it up equally with the guys.  The difference is how they do it.  Think about the simple act of clapping as a girl.  The biggest difference is clapping with breasts.  You naturally have to do it different The "girls" can get in the way! But that's not all. Many women clap with their palms almost touching and their hands facing each other. Not crossed palm like guys when they clap.
Finally, you can't let out this deep roar when your team scores.  Unless you are real good with your voice, you can go my route and be enthusiastic with a "Yay"! I always thought all of this would be a detriment when I watched the game as a girl. It really isn't and sometimes you will catch the eye of a guy who appreciates a knowledgeable female fan. I'm just careful not to know too much!
Another one of the simple guy things at a game is buying a beer.  Not as simple when that male face is on the ID you are showing to the beer vendor!  I was happy the guy I bought off of carded everyone one but me  He barely looked up at a old broad and sold me a beer. lol. I was unhappy when I found NFL rules forbid the sale of more than one beer per person. I was trying to buy two which meant I had to go and come back for another for my friend.
Actually there are two simple solutions to the beer problem.  Buy the beer in the stands where the vendors normally don't check ID's. It's still the same cheap beer for the same ridiculous price.
Finally, the thought that weighed on my mind the most was the group could have stopped anywhere for food before the game.  The good point to this is-all three others in the group accept me totally as a girl.  The bad thing is-100% of the public doesn't. In the worst way I didn't want to cause any problems for my friends!
While it's true I'm well on the way to feeling really natural in the female world, it is always so easy to fall back and do something which screams GUY!
That too was one of my Monday night worries.
Is that enough paranoia for you? It is for me!
On the bright side, the group is already planning another game for all of us. Something went right!
The evening was actually my second trip to an event. Went to a "Joe Cocker" outdoor concert two summers ago. He was terrible but the night was fun and the only attention I received was from a couple down the row.
I believe that was the evening I learned to applaud different!
I hope I answered a few more questions and didn't bore you girls too much!
If you are into sports I am a Bengals fan and you can feel sorry for me now or call me stupid!  If you are not, the Bengals have been one of the worst NFL teams for decades!
I have learned the internet is really world wide! Can't get anything past me!
Actually Australia and Brazil are in my top 5 list and I thank all of you! I'm sure your Aussie football Or "footy" is every bit as tough as the NFL! But I never said that!


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