IS It Just Me?

For some reason I just hate being called a "gurl" or "gurrl".
For starters the names are "grinder words" like Scranton or Yonkers. (no offense to either of these places!)
The words just aren't pretty. They provide a mental picture of a guy in hose and heels smoking a big cigar.
Yes they do reference the fact the person you are seeing isn't a 100% genetic female BUT I for one feel 100% real girl when I am one.  I want my inner girl to shine through!
It is very difficult to come up with a term to use with us because we are so varied. I've seen the word "tranny" called a gender slur like "f__"
In addition some trans girls are so beautiful, you have to have a word to tell you they are trans if they are not in "stealth" mode. Stealth means they are living totally as a woman with no reference whatsoever to their previous life or gender.
I don't have the magic word to replace the "g" words above except "she" of course. I also don't have the answer to those of you who are admirers. Again maybe you are not involved as deeply in the transgendered culture and that's fine.
Please don't call me "gurl" and I'll love you! (For at least a couple seconds!)


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