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From Egg to a Beautiful Chick?

 Recently I wrote a post roughly equating our transgender gender struggles with breaking out of an egg. Connie took the post another direction: "  All too often, after breaking out of a misplaced egg, one can see her/him-self as an ugly duckling. It takes more effort to learn how to be different from others, yet still fit in. After all, as difficult as it may be to break out of the egg, leaving the nest can be more daunting - especially when others see you as not conforming. Learning that you are destined to become a beautiful swan among ducks comes with the confidence that you can still swim in the same pond - even if you can't quite quack like a duck. I'm sure there are still those who would define themselves as cross dresser  Increasingly, though, there are those who are referring to themselves as bi-gender. That is, when they present as female they feel to be female beyond what the clothing may indicate; but they enjoy living as their male-assigned gender the rest of t

From the Cyrsti's Condo Library

Who is Renee James ?   Renee James is the pen name of a Chicago-area writer who lives in two genders. - and has written a book called "Coming Out Can Be Murder" "Renee's book is the by-product of a fictional journal James wrote on business trips during her magazine editing years. The journal was a reflection on what her life might have been like if she had chosen to become a transsexual woman rather than marry and raise a family as a bi-gendered male. -" Her effort has been highly praised and you can follow the link above for more information including purchasing.

Just A Moment to Think

When I see all the thousands of words written on all the nuances of the transgender or transsexual or bi gender or gender queer or the gender of the earth worms in your back yard- it has occurred to me it all comes down to this video: All of the sudden the real problem is so clear and exceeding sad.