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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trans World Bloggin

Is it good or bad when a large portion of the transgender - transsexual news yesterday was the announcement that Janet Jackson was going to produce some sort of documentary on the "plight" of trans women and men around the world.
While I have deep suspicions of her true motives (outside of money), I guess if it is well done the old saying could be true. Any publicity is good publicity. What makes me uneasy is the unspoken connection between this project and her brother Micheal. At the least, his sexuality and gender was very ambiguous. I'm just afraid of the trans culture being tossed into the "fond of young kids" culture.
Bottom line is, Janet didn't call me about this!
On the positive side, I have discovered a great little blog by "Michelleliana" called "Transgender Talk"
Her latest post on the path to coming out at work is very informative and involves the curse of the bathroom! (Really?)
Whoever thought, peeing would reach such a point of substance?
Or not as I found out Saturday during my first visit as a woman to a festival "Port-A-John". A chance to experience unisex at it's best and worst.
The good news?  It was early in the day and the "John" was "fresh" and no potential sensitivities were disturbed in a mostly non reactive public. Everyone's equal in that line! .
More good news? I wont go into "Port a John" experiences that are pretty negative from the viewpoint of both genders but REALLY negative from a female one.
I have a female friend who takes great pleasure in saying "welcome in sister"! Ha-Ha.

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