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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Should We Stay or Go

Perhaps you have heard of former Navy Seal Kristin Beck deciding to de transition from Kristin (a transgender woman) back to their original male self Chris Beck. 

I have followed Beck for years. In fact I donated a few dollars to their political campaign many years ago.

Image Courtesy 
Chris/Kristin Beck

While I was not so disappointed they de-transitioned, I was disappointed when I thought what anti transgender activists would make of the move. We transgender women and trans men are under too much pressure to begin with. Regardless, it is everyone's personal prerogative to do what they desire with their gender. 

I'm sure in most of our gender journeys at one time or another we have thought about going back to our previous selves. If I go back to my early purges when I threw out most of my feminine belongings, each time I felt this was it. I would never have the desire to look like or be a woman again. It never failed, after a very brief period of gender relief, I would always go back to what turned out to be a return to a strong desire to replenish my wardrobe of feminine necessities. In fact, not only did I add new items to my "collection" I was able on occasion to add accessories from other cross dresser acquaintances who decided to purge at approximately the same time. One in particular had to empty out his secret storage unit before his unapproving spouse caught on. As I remember, I inherited a very realistic set of silicon breast forms I couldn't easily afford.  

As I slowly stair stepped my way up the cross dressing ladder. I became too serious and ended up quickly separating myself from the so called "hobbyists" who claimed they casually put on women's clothes as a hobby. I found I more closely aligned myself with the more serious cross dressers who were headed towards living fulltime as what was known in those days as a transsexual. I had no idea if I was able to give up my successful male life to do it but on occasion I felt so natural when I was in feminine mode, I didn't see how I could ever give it up and return to a fulltime male life. I remember vividly the parties I went to at a friends house in nearby Columbus, Ohio which usually always included an impossibly feminine person or two I could measure myself against as I tried to determine my gender status. 

I can't imagine how difficult it would be to go through the stress and tension it would take to go through a transgender transition in a very public eye. We all were witness to the overall debacle which was the Jenner transition. Now we have the Chris Beck de-transition to deal with. I hate to think both of these ill fated moves has determined what people may think about me. What we, as transgender people, need to prove is we are not going back to our old selves not even thinking how easy it would be. Plus I wonder, no matter what, if one could jump the gender frontier without having lasting memories of how easy or difficult it was to live our truths. 

I just hope de-transitioners finally find their happiness.  

Monday, October 28, 2019

From India...Transgender Success

These posts come from a site called Trending and feature several successful transgender stories. The first of which is "Nazz Joshi" trans model and winner of the Miss World Diversity 2019:
Naaz Joshi

The second is Anjali Ameer, the first transsexual to play a lead role in an Indian Movie:

Anjali Ameer
For more, go here To the Indian Times..

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Going Through Hell to Get to Heaven?

It seems the more I am around younger LGBT (more specifically the transgender groups) the better their attitude is compared to the "more mature" trans folks.

With all due respect to the Steve Miller Band song, is it because we had to go through hell to get to heaven? With all due respects to the "youngsters" the world is changing quickly in regards to the transgender community, so maybe they should have a better attitude. OR, do we "more mature" trans folk just harbor some grumpy resentment?

After all most of us were trapped in very small dark closets without even a glimmer of hope from a computer screen. Also, by the time we were able to attempt a transition, our bodies were wrecked by the ravages of years of testosterone, unless we were very fortunate.

Or it could be just a basic change of attitude. Some waited so long to get to where they wanted to go in a feminine world, when they got there, it proved to not be what they thought. After all, it wasn't for me.

Nearly nothing was bad for me, it was just facing the 24/7 world as a trans woman was just different. I had to reach some magical point of blending versus of looking like I wasn't trying, which has seemed to be a recent point of emphasis here in Cyrsti's Condo. Probably because of two post opt transgender women I have seen recently. At one of the meetings, another member said she spent about a half hour on her makeup and one of the post opts said "I only spend a couple minutes.'' Being the smart arse I am, I almost said "It looks like it." But I didn't. No matter how snarky she is, there should be no need to jump into the snake pit with her.

Maybe too, it's an idea Connie and I used to discuss years ago. What if you went through all the pain and suffering only to find you were in an irreversible miserable lonely place? An ugly new closet indeed.

I wish I could share a lengthy FB post I read recently from a much younger trans woman friend of mine who just had a boob job, FFS and other work done. She looks good but now is facing
the prospect of dating crazies from both sides of the gender aisle.

I guess so many people can go thru hell and never get to heaven. Sorry Steve.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cyrsti's Condo "Cover Girl" of the Day

Our feature cover pic of the day in "the Condo"  is the beautiful MtF transsexual woman Suzanne Gagliardi - another Mama Mia! from Italy.

I do love this outfit!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cyrsti's Condo "Cover Girl" of the Day

Kim PetrasOur feature cover today is the German  MtF transsexual entertainer Kim Petras.  If you haven't followed Kim's past, she was able to transition and complete SRS at a very young age. (16).

She was one of the earlier publicized examples of how gender dysphoria starts very early in life and is not a phase.  Kim Petras seems to be a "natural".

Monday, May 5, 2014

Cyrsti's Condo "Co-Cover Girls" of the Day

Carmen Carrera. More than just a pretty face!!!!
Carmen Carerra 

It's a "C" day in the Condo. Our feature co- cover today are a pair of "C" transsexual women, Caroline Cossey and Carmen Carerra:                      

Caroline Cossey
Caroline Cossey

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Gender Proud

I get tons of emails and most aren't spam, so every once in a while I get a little backed up on what I'm reading and being able to pass along to you here in Cyrsti's Condo.

Here is another I was extremely impressed with for a number of reasons.  The first of course was the name Gender Proud and activist, model Geena Rocero - the Founder of Gender Proud, a movement that aims to change the global perception of and conversation about transgender individuals. She is another literate, well spoken, beautiful transgender woman who is taking the time and effort to stand up and speak out. I am going to pass along her video, as well as this link for you to take a look.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nicki Araguz Fights On!

Seems like it has been decades since I saw a cross dressed beauty named Justin do battle with a couple of guys she met at a party on the Jerry Springer Show.  Wait! It has been decades.

Now according to the Courthouse News Service in Texas:

A transgender woman whose firefighter husband died in the line of duty may have a case for benefits, a Texas appeals court ruled Nikki Paige Araguz, (left) 38, who was born Justin Graham Purdue, sought judicial review in April 2012 of a finding that she is not the proper legal beneficiary of Thomas Araguz III, a Wharton County volunteer firefighter. Araquz was killed while fighting a fire in July 2010 at an egg plant. 

 Soon after his death, Arguz's mother, Simona Longoria, sued for a declaration that his marriage was void because it was a same-sex marriage, which is illegal in Texas. Araguz's ex-wife, Heather Delgado, later intervened in the case on behalf of her two children, agreeing the marriage was void. A Wharton County judge later voided the marriage on summary judgment but a three-judge panel with the 13th District Court of Appeals reversed Thursday. Ultimately there is "a genuine issue of material fact regarding Nikki's sex and whether the marriage was a same sex marriage," Chief Justice Rogelio Valdez wrote for the court.

Of course the contention is that Nikki's SRS still doesn't legally change her gender to female and as I remember, speculation was this case could go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Which would be huge. Let's hope she wins!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Different Language?

On occasion I sit in my Midwestern American environment and forget Cyrsti's Condo is on Al Gore's world wide web and I get feed back from the world!  As Gomer Pyle used to say "Golleee"!!
Vicky Woods, another one of our UK girls who stops by the "Condo"  passed along this comment concerning the use of the "Tranny" word as a gender slur in the Davina Willis video:

"I enjoyed that Crysti. I think that it shows the slightly different way in which we in the UK treat the word TRANNY. Although as a mtf transsexual it is not my favorite word it does not instill in me the outrage that an American would feel. I think partly because over here in the UK it is often used without malice."

I did a little further research on Davina Willis/Davina Moore. She works as a customer services adviser in Romford, Essex in the UK. No one seemed to know which direction she took in her life with a gender selection.

Thanks Vicki!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Taking the "Girls" for a Bike Ride.

From the News Telegram: When Stacey Schnee took a bike ride from her Webster Square neighborhood, down Route 9 to Leicester earlier this month, heads turned. Drivers slowed down, stopped, leaned smartphones out the window to take pictures. Some honked. Some shouted that they were calling the police.
But there's something else to Ms. Schnee's background that no one seeing her ride that day could have known by casual observation. In fact, a lot of people don't know. Ms. Schnee used to be a man. She had gender reassignment surgery in June 2011 and breast augmentation last year. Prior to that, her topless ride would not have likely created any stir at all. The transition, Ms. Schnee said, saved her life, although it ultimately cost her her marriage. Before the transition she struggled with her identity and had gone as far as to plan suicide, she said. But having lived as both a man and a woman undeniably gives her an uncommon perspective on the topless equality issue. "This puts me in a unique position to fight for topless rights since it is a right that I lost when a single letter was changed on my driver's license — from 'M' to 'F,'" Ms. Schnee said.

Yet another transgender person fighting the system in a highly unique way.

I look at it this way. If Stacey wants to ride topless with the girls, why not? She's wearing her helmet!

Workplace Issues

Image from Gabrielle Henderson  on UnSplash. Sadly, many transgender women and trans men still get discriminated against when they seek out ...