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April 22, 2015 - TLDEF is thrilled to announce a settlement in a historic   federal lawsuit   against the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles on behalf of Chase Culpepper. The settlement is featured in     Los Angeles Times . Chase is a transgender girl who was targeted for discrimination in March 2014 when she attempted to get her first driver’s license. She was told by DMV employees that she could not take her photo unless she removed the makeup that she wears on a regular basis. They told her that she needed to “look male” in her license photo and refused to provide her with her driver’s license if she did not remove the makeup she was wearing. For more, follow the link above.

We Almost Had Mail!

I don't know what "glitch" I had here in the Crysti's Condo this afternoon, but it managed to chew up and completely destroy a couple of your comments. As you all know how much I value your ideas and in fact I  did  reply to a couple and poof! they were gone! Two came from Pat and were rather interesting in how totally I disagreed with her. On the one about the Wow! post - I was able to go back in and delete my comment since Pat's didn't post at all. It's only fair to not paraphrase her comments if I don't have them. The others were comments about the DMV folks who wouldn't let Chase Culpepper  present his external gender anyway he wanted. One wanted to throw the kid under the bus because the DMV folks were nasty anyway-anywhere, but another was an extremely insightful one.  She said, isn't the whole episode similar to the age old double standard of girls allowing to be "tom boys" and boys not being allowed to be "tom-gir

I'm Getting Dizzy

Before you cheap shot me and say "Cyrsti-you always have been dizzy" - let me explain. On certain days and in certain weeks, it seems there is almost a daily give and take of transgender rights being given in one place and then taken away in another. Bobbie (one of our Cyrsti's Condo readers) keeps me pretty much up to date and in fact passed the Obama story along yesterday.  Bobbie is Canadian by trade and sent me a couple encouraging stories of improving transgender rights in Vancouver and Alberta.  She said the province of Alberta quite possibly is the most conservative of all the Canadian Provinces.  Don't worry, if I get any of this wrong she will deservedly correct me! Then, right in the middle of all the warm and fuzzies- comes this totally ignorant story from South Carolina. Right now I can hear some of you saying "Damn Cyrsti, what do you expect-it's South Carolina.  I don't like to play that game because more than a few think that about th