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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

KerPlunk! Another version of the Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition" has hit your virtual front porch.  Get your hot cup o joe, curl up in your fave jammies and lets get started.
Page One-The Week That Was -or Wasn't.  Perhaps you regulars around here noticed I missed posting two days in a row for maybe the first time in a year or so. None of it had to do with personal illness, just other factors.
In the world as a whole, quite by accident, I stumbled across an intense episode of a show truthfully I never have watched called "Love thy Sister".  From Autostraddle comes this excerpt:

Transgender representation on TV is slowly but steadily getting better. Last year, Laverne Cox became the first openly transgender actor to snag an Emmy nomination. This year, Transparent, the first show to feature a transgender woman as the lead character, won two Golden Globe Awards. And just a few weeks ago, WEtv premiered a new reality series called Love Thy Sister, which features Londyn Smith de Richelieu, a black transgender woman who is longtime friends with one of the show’s three sisters. This week’s episode focuses heavily on Londyn, her relationship with Ione Rucker and her experiences as a trans woman.

While I know some will automatically want to dismiss the show and Londyn  for being too gorgeous-the fact remains the show spoke directly to most of the lives of transgender women and men.  First of all Lyndon had a giant problem and discussion with friend Ione who was having a huge problem with using the proper pronouns with her...much like my problems with my sister in law.  Then, Londyn was going with her friends to a "woymn" only sex toy party and was asked to leave because she was "still a man"...much like me being denied admission to a lesbian "only" group here in (Loki) Cincinnati. I was surprised the show did such a good job.  If you find it to watch, be patient. The real content comes after quite a bit of early fluff!

Page Two: And Then There was Bruce?  I have to tell you, I cringe every time I see an update on Bruce Jenner's transition "to a woman".  Very simply, I'm afraid of the Kardashian media circus doing just that to a transgender Mtf transistion: making it a circus.  So far though, all seems to be pretty calm on all the talk shows and of course Bruce is supposed to be coming up with her own story soon.

Page Three:  "D" Says it All?  I guess it had to happen soon or later-the much feared diet.  So, a week ago Liz and I embarked on one.  No need to mention which one, because unless they work for you and are good for you-who cares? Unless I am paid to be a spokesperson (hint!)  At any rate, what is a diet with out a goal?  My goal is next summer, when I really am looking ahead to the warmer months as a true coming out time. The reason being, my muscle mass should be at an all time low, and my exterior feminine HRT development should be at an all time high. Why not do yet another one of the ultimate in woman life experiences? The diet.

Page Four: The Back Page.  Well kids, it's time to put the wraps on another Sunday Edition! I'm going to try to get a special post together including your comments and maybe even a very prejudiced Super Bowl prediction!

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