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There Was Good News

Depending upon where you live, there was good news which came out of this years' Mid-Term Elections. Here in Ohio, predictably the backward rednecks in the state elected a governor firmly in the pockets of the big insurance and pharmacy companies but re-elected our incumbent Democratic senator. The senator who spoke via recording two years in a row to our Trans Ohio Symposium. In Massachusetts though: It became the first state to uphold protections for transgender and non-binary people at the ballot box by voting to preserve the state's anti-discrimination law. Voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved the Question 3 ballot initiative to keep the current wording of the state’s anti-discrimination statute, according to news website  MassLive . Official numbers have not yet been released. And, in Vermont,   A candidate with Upstate New York roots made an unsuccessful run for the Vermont governor's seat Tuesday. Despite the loss, she made history as the first transg