There Was Good News

Depending upon where you live, there was good news which came out of this years' Mid-Term Elections.

Here in Ohio, predictably the backward rednecks in the state elected a governor firmly in the pockets of the big insurance and pharmacy companies but re-elected our incumbent Democratic senator. The senator who spoke via recording two years in a row to our Trans Ohio Symposium.

In Massachusetts though:

It became the first state to uphold protections for transgender and non-binary people at the ballot box by voting to preserve the state's anti-discrimination law.
Voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved the Question 3 ballot initiative to keep the current wording of the state’s anti-discrimination statute, according to news website MassLive. Official numbers have not yet been released.
And, in Vermont,  A candidate with Upstate New York roots made an unsuccessful run for the Vermont governor's seat Tuesday. Despite the loss, she made history as the first transgender candidate to be nominated by a major party for a gubernatorial race.
Democrat Christine Hallquist, 62, a Baldwinsville, N.Y., native, lost to Republican incumbent Phil Scott. In a race with seven candidates. Scott gathered 149,312 votes (54.56 percent), followed by Hallquist at 108,639 (39.70 percent)
I am sure too, I am missing a few historic victories in state races across the country. Overall, despite the current administration trying to erase us, we are still scoring historic gains.